Sugar Engineering
This division plays an important role in the extraction of maximum juice from the supplied sugarcane using the preparatory devices in addition to overall maintenance of the sugar factory. The sugarcane after weighment is dumped into the cane carrier which carries the sugarcane through the preparatory devices where the cane is made into pieces to expose the maximum sales present in the sugarcane. After preparation it is passed through the mills by which the maximum liquid contained in the cells will be extracted so as to get maximum sugar bags. If the milling performance is poor the extraction of sugar will get reduced. This division not only extracts the maximum sugar from the prepared cane but also sending the bagasse as a fuel to the boiler using which steam will be produced. The steam when passed through the prime movers produce electricity and the used steam called exhaust is utilized for the processing of sugarcane juice into sugar. The Mill Engineer has to look after not only the maximum extraction of sugar but also take care of the bagasse with minimum sugar and moisture so that the calorific value of bagasse will get increased. After extraction of the juice it is filtered and sent to the boiling house. The Engineering division is responsible for perfect running of all the moving parts as well as production of power in running the sugar mill continuously with reduced down time so as to get maximum profit to the industry. They are also using excess power for export.
  • This division is rendering appropriate advice to the factories for additions or alterations or erection/modernization of sugar factories to improve the technical performance of the factory.
  • This division helps to maintain the crushing days as per the specification issued by the Government of India.
  • It is also educating and training the Sugar Engineers, Mill, turbine and boiler operators and undertake research on problems pertaining to Sugar Engineering.
  • This division is visiting the sugar factories and conducting performance studies of the mill, boiler and power house divisions and is studying the problems and giving solution to rectify the problems if any.
  • This division is also helping the sugar mills in modernization of the sugar mill or any addition alteration of the unit.
  • This division is also taking care of the Co-generation plants to run it efficiently.
  • This division is helping to select the correct machineries and staff so as to improve the performance of the factories.
  • This division is also giving suggestion to improve the cane preparation, mill extraction, boiler efficiency, reduction in down time and power consumption etc.
  • This division is engaged in consultancy services to the needed factories.
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