Distillery Division
This division is going to help the distilleries in Karnataka in the introduction of new technologies like continuous fermentation, production of ethanol from molasses and sugarcane juice. Also it is going to help to adopt new technologies to solve the problem of disposal of effluent by way of consultancies, training and by engaging in R & D activities. Earlier practices of batch fermentation should be abandoned and there is need to adopt continuous fermentation process to increase the production and minimize the losses to reduce the quantity of effluents. Due to the problems of polluting the environment and bring the distillery units under zero pollution some of the plants are introduced incarnation of the effluents. Prior to this process effluent may be also utilized for the production of methane gas to be used a boiler fuel.

Distilleries may also think producing by-products of carbon-dioxide, glycerol, proteins, and fusel oil. Most of the factories are engaged in ethanol production by using molasses or sugarcane juice so as to meet out fuel requirement.
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