Co-Generation in Sugar Industries
Talk of the day in sugar industries is co-generation through which excess power will be produced using the excess bagasse without getting it wasted. It increases the economy of the sugar factory and indirectly helps to solve the power problems in the state. Selecting of correct machineries particularly the boiler and turbine plays an important role in co-generation plants as they require high pressured boilers with double extraction condensing turbine. Further, the simplicity measures to export the electricity to the grid. Efforts should be make boiler to be fitted for multi-fuels so that the plants can operate for long period. Care should be taken to provide boiler feed water as per the standard norms prescribed.

Some of the sugar mills have already claimed carbon credits from international bodies however still the opportunities need to be tapped by many mills in Karnataka. Hence, these sugar mills having co-generation should make their application to the required authorities before the stipulated time frame provided to claim the benefits. The personnel engaged in co-generation need training in operation of high pressure boilers, maintenance of boilers and boiler feed water, method of reducing the moisture % bagasse etc. The operators of each section are to be trained so as to maintain the power production to the maximum
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