Sugarcane Breeding
Since time memorial the sugarcane breeding played vital role in improving sugarcane yield and sugar recovery. This is a process of evolving new genotypes which are superior over the existing ones for the set of different traits of sugarcane .Due to the efforts under the umbrella of AlCRP (S) (All India Co-ordinated Research Project (Sugarcane) many new varieties are released and continuous efforts are made to improve further. Important varieties and their features for utility sugar industry and farmers for Karnataka are given below.

The sugarcane in Karnataka is grown in four major regions.
The recommended sugarcane varieties, planting season, age at harvest and expected recovery is presented in the following table.
Sl. No. Variety Sucrose% Region Planting Season Age at harvest Expected Sugar Recovery %
1. Co 8371
Co 86032
12.5 Southern & Coastal & North Karnataka Aug. 1st week onwards 12 to 14 months 11.0 to 12.0
2. C0 7804
Co 62175
13.0 Central Karnataka June, July, Aug, Oct & Nov. 12 to 14 Months 11.0 to 11.5
3. CoC 671
Co 94012
Co 86032
Co 92020
14.5 Central& North Karnataka Oct to Jan. 12 to 14 Months 12.0 to 12.5
4. CoC 671
Co 86032
Co94012 SNK 754
SNK 61
13.2 North Karnataka June to February 12 to 14 Months 12.0 to 12.5
CoC 671
  • Parentage- Q 63 x Co 775
  • High cane yielding, high sucrose, early ripening variety with relatively longer field keeping quality
  • Thick variety with low tillering/ ratooning ability
  • Responds well for higher dozes of fertilizer and irrigation
  • Profusely flowering with hard spines on leaf sheath
  • Suitable for early and adasali planting.

Co 94012:
  • Parentage: Soma clone of CoC 671
  • High cane yielding, high sucrose
  • Better ratoonability
  • Very spare and late flowering

Co 86032:
  • Parentage: Co 62198 x CoC 671.
  • High yielding and quality cane variety with excellent ratooning ability
  • Reddish pink colored medium thick canes with broad green root zone and green purple leaf sheath.
  • Late and very sparse flowering (< 5%), hence longer field keeping quality

Co 740:
  • Parentage: Co 440 x Co 421 (D 3247 x C 4745)
  • High yielding both in plant and ratoon crops
  • Tolerant to drought and hence suitable for rainfed cultivation
  • Highly susceptible to smut and lodging
  • Suitable for late crushing and adasali planting

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